Case Studies

Assistance from Pharmacist Support can come in many different ways to suit the needs of the individual. The following stories highlight the many ways in which we have responded to the needs of pharmacists, their dependants and pharmacy students who have found themselves confronted by difficult circumstances.

Pharmacist Support is for people like you…
Illness, stress, bereavement and unemployment can affect all of us at some stage in our life.

Birdsgrove House, an appeciation

Barbara and her husband visited Birdsgrove House after a severe car accident in 1997, and again in the following year to continue their recovery. “Upon our arrival – a crisp autumn afternoon – we were astounded to be greeted, in the entrance hall of the fine country home, by what appeared to be the entire… Read more

My husband Joe and I are both pharmacists, we have three children Charlotte 15, Michael 14 and Catherine 9. Joe and I met whilst studying pharmacy at Brighton and qualified together in 1995. Our daughter Charlotte has Down syndrome. Due to the down syndrome Charlotte has low muscle tone and has never been able to… Read more

People like me – living with MS

Here we meet Julie, Paul and David. Julie is a pharmacist, married to Paul – who has had MS for a number of years and is now confined to a wheelchair. The couple give us a glimpse into their lives and talk about the assistance they have received from Pharmacist Support along the way. David… Read more

“I am a pharmacist qualified for 40 years. I began using codeine in 1972, and I was dismissed from numerous jobs because of it. Nothing was available at this time for addicted pharmacists in the UK, save a few private hospitals and psychiatric services in the NHS, and I ended up in a psychiatric ward,… Read more

Accidents can happen

Following a bad accident, leaving her with multiple fractures, Maria was informed that it would be 4 – 6 months before she could return to work. As a locum with two children and a husband who was also self-employed, this left Maria and her family in a very difficult situation, with neither parent eligible for… Read more

One of our specialist advisers at the CAB spoke to us about the impact bullying can have on an individual. “In our experience” said adviser Marsha Healy “it is crucially important to our clients that they do have remedies in law to redress the wrong done to them but they also find great relief in the fact that they… Read more

Juggling a family, training and exam pressures

Sam is a preregistration trainee. He failed his first attempt at the exam and was unable to secure an extension to his current placement, or to find other work to support himself, his wife and child through the summer months. Due to the location of his placement, Sam had been living away from home which meant… Read more