Financial Assistance


Financial Assistance is offered to cover a range of circumstances:

Health and Wellbeing Grants

are provided to pharmacists and their families to support mental or physical quality of life. Typical funding examples include grants for respite care for a family member, for counselling and therapies, for convalescence after an illness or accident, for home help during convalescence, for purchasing a particular disability aid, for contributions towards nursing or residential care fees.

One-off Grants

are provided for those who cannot meet a specific cost and require temporary assistance. Often applicants for these grants have been affected by an unforeseen loss of work due to redundancy or to ill-health, or are living on a very low income and can’t afford to pay an unexpected bill. Examples of one-off grants include financial assistance to purchase a washing machine, essential car or household repairs, or to pay winter fuel bills.

Regular Grants

to provide a ‘top-up’ for people who have a very low income and are finding it difficult to make ends meet without getting into debt. Applicants are often widows/widowers or retired pharmacists, and these grants can help them to maintain a quality of life which they would lose otherwise.

Student Hardship Grants

We realise that most students leave university with significant debt, however, some students face particular hardship due to unforeseen circumstances such as family issues, ill-health or bereavement. A one-off grant can be made available to students who are experiencing particular hardship.

"From a single telephone call to Pharmacist Support when i was feeling extremely low, there has been a ripple effect in terms of the support and advice I have received."