Wardley Wellbeing

Increasing workloads, targets, patient demands, juggling finances, illness – these personal and professional pressures can all contribute to a stressful life!

The Wardley wellbeing service was developed as a result of a legacy that was left to the charity in 2012 in memory of pharmacy owner Robert Wardley. He understood the pressures those in the profession faced and wanted his legacy to be used to support pharmacists struggling with stress. His gift has enabled the charity to research, develop and pilot a new wellbeing service consisting of a range of workshops and online support tools.

Resources to help you manage your wellbeing


Our free wellbeing workshops are packed with information, tools and techniques to help you recognise the signs and symptoms of stress and deal with everyday pressures. They will help you find a way not only to survive but to thrive!

These workshops are specifically tailored to meet the needs of those in the pharmacy profession and cover:-

  • the science of stress and anxiety and its effect on you
  • techniques for when you’re feeling under pressure, including mindfulness and time management
  • tools like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), positive self-reflection and the five ways to wellbeing
  • tips to inspire a more positive lifestyle.

The sessions will also signpost attendees to further resources and can be counted towards your CPD.

We deliver wellbeing workshops across Great Britain. All you or your organisation need to do is arrange a suitable venue and any refreshments (if required). We usually deliver to a minimum of 15 pharmacists, trainees or MPharm students.

If you or your organisation are keen to host a full 2-hour workshop or a 1-hour taster session for your Local Practice Forum, university staff & students, employees or pharmacy colleagues, please email our Wellbeing Officer David at david.humphrey@pharmacistsupport.org or call 0161 441 0811.

We are currently developing new workshops covering three areas of wellbeing in more detail: Introduction to AssertivenessBuilding Resilience and Time Management. We expect to be able to offer these sessions before the end of the Summer, so if you would like further information or to arrange a booking please contact David on the details above.


Our online e-therapy programme Silvercloud ended on 28th February 2017. Any users registered prior to that date will be able to continue to use the service until 31st August 2017, or until their course is completed, whichever is earlier. If you have any questions regarding Silvercloud please contact our Wellbeing Officer David on 0161 441 0811 or email: david.humphrey@pharmacistsupport.org

Wellbeing webinars

The charity has developed some wellbeing webinars. Although focused on the pre-registration training year, the content can also be applied to students and pharmacists struggling to deal with a variety of pressures.

Stress: This short webinar will help you think about stress and how to effectively manage it. Click here to view

Assertiveness and time management: A negative event can quickly lead to a series of negative thoughts and feelings, especially during stressful times. This webinar will show you how you transform a potentially negative thought process into a positive one, and provide you with advice on prioritising your workload. Click here to view


We have developed a range of factsheets to help improve your wellbeing. These cover mindfulness, healthy eating, exercise, stress, wellbeing, sleep and a further reading list. Click here to view our range of factsheets.